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  • Why skin gets sensitive

    Why is it that some people have skin that reacts to the slightest stress whilst other people have resilient skin? Is there anything we can change in our diet, lifestyle or beauty routine to improve skin sensitivity?

    Site Owner
  • Relief for dry skin this Autumn

    As the seasons change, we often find that our skin needs change too. This can be especially true if you suffer from dry skin, often making it dry and flaky. So why is it that our skin changes in Autumn and what can we do about it?

    Laura Rudoe
  • New evidence for organic living

    Organic Week begins Monday 8th September celebrating all things organic. In this month's blog, I decided to take a deeper look at whether organic living is actually better for our health.

    Laura Rudoe
  • Tackling the root causes of inflammation and skin stress

    Inflammation is now conclusively linked with most Western diseases as well as skin conditions. How can we tackle inflammation and improve our health as well as the appearance of our skin? 

    Laura Rudoe