If you have sensitive skin, you will know that many things can stress out your skin and make it flare up, not least allergies to skin care, ingredients and formulations that can cause inflammation and soreness.

People can be allergic to anything some of the key triggers for skin care allergies:

  • Fragrances
  • Chemical formulations and preservatives – synthetics, Parabens and SLeS are all key ingredients.  Alcohol can be a big one too
  • Essential oils
  • Specific ingredients (sometimes even natural ones)

As a result, creating an entirely hypoallergenic skincare range is extraordinarily difficult, however, we do know that there are some ingredients that can support sensitive, allergy-prone skin to encourage resilience and reduce inflammation.

As part of our research plant actives, we came across Sea Whip (also called Gorgonian extract).  It’s known as the world’s ‘most powerful anti-inflammatory’ and not without good reason.

Sea Whip is a marine organism, named after its characteristic long, whip-like fronds.  It's survival, like much marine life, is based on a symbiotic relationship with another organism, algae called Symbiodinium.

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The algae provide food for the plant, and in return, Sea Whip offers protection and access to light.

To turn it into a usable ingredient, the algae feathers are sustainably harvested, sun-dried and ground into a powder, which contains pure Pseudopterosins, a naturally occurring powerful anti-inflammatory.

These are potent anti-inflammatory ingredients.  So, powerful in fact that tested against hydrocortisone, Sea Whip out-performs it in reducing inflammation, irritation and skin damage.

The Pseudopterosins in Sea Whip have been proven in double-blind, independent clinical trials to reduce inflammation of the irritated skin.

It is so effective (more so than Bisabolol and Indomethacin) that it is often recommended for use in products that are highly peeling, acidic or specifically designed for sensitive skin.  Interestingly, it is at its most effective when used prior to application of inflammatory ingredients, to protect the skin from further damage.  

That’s why we decided to include it in our ‘Calm Serum’.  This is our formulation for sensitive, allergy prone skins, not just to reduce the effects of inflammation, but to prevent it and build skin resilience.

Surviving the chill: winter skincare

Surviving the chill: winter skincare

It’s not a secret that harsh winter weather plays havoc with skin, leaving it dry, inflamed and irritated.

Very cold air outside and warm, dry air inside causes extreme temperature variations. The lack of moisture created by central heating dries out the skin, which can compromise the barrier layer of dry skins – requiring intense hydration to repair the damage.

Chill winds later in winter and through early spring can also create a physical stress. For sensitive skin this causes an immune response that can create rashes, hives, dryness and soreness.

Which winter skin ingredients are best?

The first thing to check out when it comes to winter skincare are the properties of the ingredients you choose.

The effectiveness of natural and organic skincare is all based in its ingredients fundamental qualities.   We choose several targeted ingredients, specifically based on their abilities to help skin become more resilient against winter weather and improve winter skin care: 

Arctic Rhodiola, a Siberian adaptogen, proven to help the skin stabilise itself in adverse conditions, helps skin adapt to extremes of hot and cold temperatures. Find it in the Neutralise Cleanser, Restore Cream and the Balance Fluid

Antarctic Glycoproteins, extremolytic proteins, which work by providing protection and resistance against extreme variations in temperature and air quality, produced by an Antarctic organism to enable it to survive the extreme cold.

Thus, it has cryoprotective properties, making it resistant to freezing as well as being extremely anti-ageing.

Find it in the Renew Serum

What winter skin care should you choose?

As explained, winter skin is often dry, inflamed and stressed from constantly changing temperatures and humidity.

To treat this, we advise replenishing the skins protective barrier layer, preferably using natural biocompatible (non-toxic) oils such as those in our full-spectrum-omega Replenish Serum, which contains Arctic Sea Buckthorn, Chilean Rosehip, Desert Argan and Desert Pomegranate oils to nourish.

PRO-TIP: For instant hydration and a reduction in inflammation, blend it into your moisturiser to make it richer.

You can also use it on its own as a separate night treatment together with one of our other serums if required.  

We offer two consistencies of moisturiser, so you can switch between them for summer and wintertime, day or night, or dependent on the conditions you are facing.

The Restore Cream is designed to be very nourishing and is a rich thick texture. It contains Desert Glycoproteins, which come from an organism uniquely adapted to very dry conditions and are very good at improving skin hydration – critical when air conditioning and heating strips natural moisture levels.

Lifestyle Advice:

It is also very important to make sure you have included plenty of essential fatty acids in your diet.  Ingredients to choose include:

  • Flaxseeds
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Dark Green Leafy Veg
  • Dark Chocolate (hurray!)
  • Eggs
  • Wholegrains

These can boost winter skin care from the inside by making sure cells retain enough moisture when it is very dry and cold outside.

To ensure adequate hydration (which you need even in the cold) drink plenty of plain filtered or to maintain hydration.

WIN! A SIGNED copy of The Nature of Beauty and Skincare, Worth Over £105

WIN! A SIGNED copy of The Nature of Beauty and Skincare, Worth Over £105

We’re celebrating our inclusion in the organic beauty book of the year, The Nature of Beauty.

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We were honoured to have not only Evolve’s Gentle Cleansing Melt listed, but also our S5 Neutralise Cleanser and Purity Serum.

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