Boost cellular energy and revitalise

At S5 we have been researching new strategies for tackling skin ageing and our latest product, the Vitality Mask, is the product of our new thinking on boosting cellular vitality and energy. Skin ages in 2 ways, through the passage of time (chronologically) and through damage caused by environmental stress. Our core range of 5 serums are designed to help skin deal with environmental stress and avoid inflammation as research has shown this is very ageing for skin (it has been dubbed inflamm-ageing by some researchers and is now seen as the leading cause of ageing).

How the Vitality Mask works

Our new anti ageing mask focuses on chronological ageing and cellular vitality. Cellular lifespan is controlled by a group of enzymes called Sirtuins. One of the active ingredients in the Vitality mask, Rainforest Bidens Pilosa, has been shown in vitro to boost expression of Sirtuin-6 by 2.6x. It also boosts cellular regeneration in a similar way to retinol without the irritation as well as reducing oxidative stress. In clinical tests it has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (depth) by 28% and the appearance of age spots by 36%. Cellular energy is controlled by thousands of mitochondria in each cell, mini powerhouses that produce cellular energy as well as controlling cellular detoxification and neutralisation of free radicals. As we age, the mitochondria become less efficient leading to a build up of toxins in the skin, lack of energy and skin damage. Our active ingredient Wild Alaskan Wakame has been shown in vitro to boost cellular energy (ATP) by 30% by reinforcing the cellular membrane, boosting cellular communication and by providing cellular nutrition. The Vitality mask also contains marine enzymes which gently remove dead skin cells without harming the living cells beneath by mimicking the enzymes naturally found in the body. It delivers soft smooth skin without the irritation that usually comes from AHAs. It also effectively clears pores, visibly diminishing their appearance (up to 20%) and minimises the appearance of blemishes (up to 61% in 28 days) without stripping skin. Find out more about the Vitality Mask (£44 for 75ml) here