All about Cleansing

All about Cleansing

Our new arrival has launched - the Clarity Cleanser - which is a foaming enzymatic wash for normal to oily skin. I thought it might be helpful to give some advice about which of our cleansers might be right for your skin and how to use them. 


One of the main things we advise is not to over cleanse the skin. The skin naturally generates its own protective barrier layer which is made up of skin compatble oils and friendly bacteria. This layer is one of the most important things those with dry and sensitive skin need to maintain to avoid dry patches and redness / soreness. 


If your skin is very dry, it is best not to use a cleanser with any surfactant in it. Surfactants are chemicals (which can be found naturally) that help oil and water to mix together and then the oil can be rinsed away. You will also find heavier duty surfactants in products like hand wash or even dishwasher soap! Our Nourish Cleanser uses an innovative sugar based ingredient which is surfactant free. This means it is much more gentle on the skin and doesn't strip it of moisture. This is what we recommend for dry skin. 

For sensitive skin, we recommend you use a very mild non foaming cleanser. We have created the Neutralise Cleanser in order to minimise disturbance to the skin barrier layer and also provide a cooling and soothing cleanse for sensitive skin. It is packed full of skin soothers and has a hypoallergenic fragrance. 

For oilier skins, sometimes you feel like you need a deeper cleanse to remove the build up of surface oils. But it is still very important not to over cleanse as you will be stimulating the production of more oil. Our Clarity Cleanser uses gentle naturally derived surfactants that effectively cleanse without over drying the skin. It also contains an oil control ingredient to minimise the production of more oil. 


We advise cleansing only when the skin is dirty (it has make up or pollution on it that needs to be removed) and using a cleanser that doesn't strip the oils from the skin. This means night time cleansing is a must for most people. However morning cleansing is a preference only. A simple rinse with water in the shower may be enough, especially if your skin is dry. 


If you are removing heavy make up, you may find it easier to dampen a cotton pad or clean muslin after you have applied your cleanser to damp skin and massaged it into the skin. This can then remove the make up before you rinse clean. If this is still not removing make up effectively (especially if you are using the neutralise which can only remove light make up) you could try doing a first cleanse or evening cleanse with the nourish cleanser, which is our heavy duty make up remover. It is so effective on make up because it is oil based, and is very good at dissolving oil based make up including waterproof mascara.