Protect And Repair Dry Skin This Autumn

Protect And Repair Dry Skin This Autumn

As the seasons change, we often find that our skin's needs change too. This can be especially true if you suffer from dry skin, often making it dry and flaky. So why is it that our skin changes in Autumn and what can we do about it?

Autumn brings drier centrally heated air with low humidity

Our skin prefers a humidity level of about 40-60%. In the Autumn and Winter when we switch on our heating this can push humidity levels down as low as 10%. The Sahara Desert has a humidity level of about 25%. This dries out the skin and makes it more susceptible to flakiness and conditions such as atopic dermatitis and eczema. One thing you can do to increase comfort levels is to use a humidifier to bring humidity levels back to normal. This will also help dry throats, eyes and noses. This can also be done using a boiling pan without a lid. Houseplants can help to increase humidity levels as well.

Avoid over cleansing dry skin

Our skin has a natural layer of fats and friendly bacteria which seals in moisture and prevents allergens from entering the skin. Over cleansing the skin, particularly with surfactants (liquid soaps) that wash the oils from the skin, can make dry skin worse. They can also trigger allergies if the skin barrier layer is disrupted. Using an oil based cleanser that is either rinsed or wiped off the skin can help to prevent this issue, because they use a much more gentle cleansing system (our Nourish Cleanser uses a sugar based system) which does not wash the oil from the skin, leaving the skin barrier layer intact.

Environmental stress rises in the Autumn

As well as drier indoor humidity, often the cold and windy conditions outside can affect dry sensitive skin, raising the environmental stress level further. This can cause redness, tightness and discomfort. Our Restore Cream contains several ingredients to reduce environmental stress. Arctic Rhodiola supports skin and helps it to adapt to very hot and cold conditions. Desert Glycoproteins, which are produced by a single celled organism found in the Wadi Desert, help to stabilise the cellular membrane. They have been clinically tested on people with atopic dermatitis and shown to improve the appearance of scaliness by 24% and roughness by 45%. They also boost hydration levels by 30%.

Replenish essential fats, both inside and out

Dry skin can be linked to a deficiency of essential fatty acids. These are Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats the body cannot manufacture itself, they are obtained from diet. Omega 3 is a key part of our cellular membranes, Often our Western diets are low in Omega 3 (and high in Omega 6) so it is important to ensure you consume sources such as oily fish (salmon and sardines), flaxseed, chia and walnuts. Essential fats can also be beneficial when applied to the skin. Our Replenish Serum contains a full spectrum of all Omega fatty acids including Omega 3 from Alpine Rosehip, Omega 5 from Desert Pomegranate (strong antioxidant and hormone balancer), Omega 6 and 9 from Argan (antioxidant and nourishing) and Omega 7 from Arctic Sea Buckthorn (soothing and elasticity boosting).

Our 3 Step Prescription for Dry Skin

Step 1- Cleanse

Nourish Cleanser £32 for 200ml

Use this cleanser for normal to dry skin to gently cleanse without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier layer. It can also be used to remove heavy make up, possibly followed by a second cleanse for oily skin although it does rinse away without leaving an oily residue. 

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Step 2- Protect and Repair

Replenish Serum £44 for 30ml

This serum is great for dry patches of skin and can be used to richen a moisturiser for winter months or whenever the skin feels dry. The non-greasy nature of this formula means it can be used underneath makeup without problem. This serum can be mixed into your moisturizer or used by itself on clean dry skin. You can also blend it together with another S5 serum for even quicker results. For example try blending it with the S5 Calm Serum to support dry irritated, eczema prone skin.

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Step 3- Moisturise

Restore Cream £39 for 50ml

This moisturiser is an ideal partner for regimes for dry or sensitive skin with eczema as well as anti ageing regimes for premature ageing or mature skin. It can also be used in the winter when skin needs additional moisture, and can be made richer with the addition of the Replenish Serum. Any of the S5 serums can be blended into this moisturizer to customize it for specific skin concerns or it can be used by itself on clean dry skin.

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Renew Eye Cream £36 for 15ml


The delicate skin around the eye is particularly susceptible to sensitivity and inflammation, especially in the colder seasons.This can causes dark circles and premature ageing.  Plus sluggish circulation can also lead to puffiness and the formation of eye bags.

This eye cream  is perfect for all skin types and for anyone who wants to improve the appearance and condition of the eye area.

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ANTARCTIC GLYCOPROTEINS come from a tiny microorganism only found in the extreme cold of Antarctica. It produces proteins to strengthen its cellular walls and defend itself against the extreme cold. On the skin, the proteins dramatically strengthens the cellular matrix and reduce wrinkle depth by an average of 44% in 30 days and increase collagen production by up to 128% in 14 days. They also defend the skin against cold weather, reducing environmental skin stress. 

ARCTIC RHODIOLA is an adaptogenic herb ecologically harvested from the alpine meadows of Siberia that helps the skin adapt to stress caused by temperature fluctuations, improving skin vitality and viability in very cold and very hot conditions. It is also able to stimulate cell respiration significantly, improving oxygen consumption by up to 130%.

ARCTIC SEA BUCKTHORN provides a rich source of rare Omega 7 and Omega 3. It has traditionally been used to treat burns and wounds of the skin. In clinical trials, it improves skin elasticity by 32.3%, hydrates and reduces the appearance of redness.

CHILEAN ROSEHIP OIL clinical trials have confirmed a 41% improvement in the colour of scars, a 27% improvement in the appearance of scars and a 26% improvement in visible areas of scars.  Rich in Vitamin C, rosehip oil also has a high content of the fatty acids omega 6 and 9 that are responsible for creating an outer skin barrier that soothes and protects the skin.

DESERT ARGAN OIL is rich in omega 6, 9 and tocopherol, all helping to restore the skin barrier and protect against free radicals. The tocopherol content (Vitamin E) of argan oil is in fact 620mg/kg in comparison to 320 mg/kg in olive oil, indicating its strong antioxidant properties.

DESERT POMEGRANATE OIL is rich in omega 5 and punicic acid, one of the most potent anti oxidants known to man, which supports hormone function and defends against free radicals.

DESERT GLYCOPROTEINS are produced by a heat loving bacteria that lives in the Wadi Desert, one of the hottest and driest place on Earth. This protects its cells against heat, dryness and environmental stress. When used on the skin, it forms a protective shield around cells, stabilising the cellular membrane, helping to rebuild cell walls and increasing hydration by 30%. When tested on skin with dermatitis it reduced roughness by 45% and scaliness by 24%.

LAMINARA OCHROLEUKA is a seaweed extract that targets excessive sun exposure and chronic inflammation and aging. It reduces inflammation chemicals in the skin and prevents inflammation amplification, thereby reducing inflammation related ageing. It provides cellular DNA protection, reducing the damage induced by UV and neutralizing the biological consequences of UVB stress. It also protects against EMF and UVA radiation, and boosts skin barrier.

LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT NATURAL HYALURONIC ACID Locks moisture into the skin, reduces skin hyper reactivity and stimulates epidermal regeneration.

OMEGA 3, 5, 6, 7 AND 9 Restores the skin barrier and boosts cellular renewal.

RAINFOREST BIOACTIVES a concentrated extract of Pffafia, Marapuma and White Lily reduces micro-inflammation, oedema and lipid deposits in the eye area. It has been proven in vivo to increase collagen, re-densifying skin and reducing wrinkles. The skin tone (ITA) of dark circles has been proven to be reduced by 122% in 28 days.



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