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Pollution and Environmental Damage

Every day we are exposed to environmental pollution, a consequence of the modern world and the way we live today. Air pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation causing free radical and oxidative stress damage. We know that UV damage is an extrinsic part of skin ageing but actually visible light (blue light and infrared light) is also a contributing factor. Pollution can really play a part in the damage caused to our skin, indeed particulate pollution being especially harmful as it causes high levels of oxidative stress leading to skin ageing and age spots (pigmentation). In modern times our bodies also have to deal with foreign chemicals that they were not evolved to deal with; we are exposed to over 100,000 chemicals daily from various sources including cleaning products, pesticides as well as synthetic ingredients used for cosmetics, skincare and some medicines. Unfortunately the side effects are that skin can become irritated and sensitive.

S5 Ingredients that fight pollution and environmental damage

African Moringa Peptides: Remove micro particles and protect against pollution. Found in our Neutralise Cleanser

Desert glycoproteins: amino acid produced by a unique bacteria in the Wadi desert provides powerful protection against pollution, radiation, temperature, chemical stress and skin ageing. Proven to reduce oxidative stress caused by particulate pollution. Found within the Extreme Protection Complex in all S5 Moisturisers, and in our Calm Serum

Marina Laminaria: Seaweed extract which reinforces skin barrier and protects against radiation and ageing caused by inflammation. Found within the Extreme Protection Complex in all S5 Moisturisers

7Alpine plant blend: A blend of 7 alpine plants that are proven to reduce colour and appearance of age spots and even skin tone. Found in our Illuminate Serum