Fine Lines & Wrinkles

As the skin ages, stress levels increase. The barrier layer of the skin is eroded and the skin becomes less efficient at defending itself against aggressors like free radicals and environmental stress such as changes in humidity and UV rays. This sustained attack sets up a chain of permanent inflammation in the skin which causes it to secrete skin harmful enzymes that erode collagen and elastin. Over time this damage becomes visible in the form of lines and wrinkles.

The S5 range uses Antarctic Bioactives, powerful glycoproteins protect against the extreme conditions of an sub zero environment. When applied to the skin they reduce the appearance of wrinkles (measured by wrinkle depth) by 44% and boost collagen levels by 128%.

S5 products are free from parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGS, DEA, Mineral Oil, Silicon, Propylene Glycol, GMO or synthetic fragrances.

All S5 products are are made with a high percentage of organic ingredients and use only 100% natural active ingredients.

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