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Immune System Dysfunction

These days our immune systems are under increasing pressure as a result of a greater number of external stress factors in our modern lives. Dysfunction in the immune system can cause the skin to be more reactive to stressors such as environmental triggers or chemical irritants. Our immune systems are cleverly designed to trigger a set of reactions in response to any cells being subjected to stress or trauma, and an increase in stressors can cause this to happen more regularly. It is perfectly normal for our immune system to respond by releasing enzymes called proteases which deal with any bacterial infection or acute inflammation, but at chronic levels these enzymes can cause damage to the skin barrier layer, in particular collagen and elastin which are vital for its normal function. This damage can contribute to premature ageing of the skin, even more so than the direct action of free radicals, as well as redness and inflammatory conditions such as rosacea.

Ingredients to treat immune system dysfunction

Immune system dysfunction happens deep within the body and needs to be addressed with lifestyle changes. However, the appearance of chronic inflammation can be improved on the skin. 

Prickly Pear Cactus Extract: Soothes and calms the appearance of irritation and redness caused by inflammation. This can be found in our Serenity Cream and our Neutralise Cleanser

Northern Truffle: Reduces the feeling of skin discomfort after irritation within minutes and improves tolerance of chemical irritants. This can be found in our Calm Serum.

Desert glycoproteins: stabilise and protect the cellular membrane therefore protecting it from irritation. They are clinically proven to soothe the skin comparably to hydrocortisone without any side effects. These can be found within our Extreme Protection Complex, found in all S5 moisturisersYou can also find them in our Calm Serum.

Marina Laminaria: Seaweed extract which reinforces skin barrier and protects against radiation and ageing caused by inflammation. This can be found in our Extreme Protection Complex found in all S5  moisturisers