Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin and redness are signs of a hyper reactive immune system and low level, chronic inflammation. Skin stress that would not cause a skin flare-up in normal skin such as changes in temperature or humidity, washing and certain chemical irritants can cause sensitive skin to produce histamine and inflammatory chemical messengers, causing redness and soreness. When this happens every so often it is part of the healing process, but chronic inflammation in the skin can erode collagen and elastin which ages it prematurely. And it is also uncomfortable and can lead to conditions such as Rosacea and long term redness. 

It is vital to remove any irritating ingredients from your skincare regime, as these will make your skin react. Steer clear of foaming cleansers as they destroy the protective barrier layer of skin and any aggressive products such as abrasive scrubs or harsh peels as well as irritating fragrance allergens and synthetic chemicals. Sun over exposure can also cause skin stress so a mineral based SPF should be used to protect the skin and reduce further irritation.

Fragrance allergen status

The Neutralise Cleanser, Calm Serum and Balance Fluid all have the same hypoallergenic fragrance and the Restore Cream has a low allergen fragrance (do patch test all of them first for sensitivity). The Resilience Mask is fragrance free.

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