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Sensitive Skin

A result of modern living is that we are putting our immune systems under more and more pressure. Sensitive skin and persistent redness are signs of a hyper reactive immune system and low level, chronic inflammation. This can be exacerbated by modern living issues such as poor digestion and food intolerances, chronic stress, exposure to chemicals and pollution, environmental damage and harsh cosmetic products.

Immune system dysregulation causes the skin to over react to external stressors such as environmental triggers and irritating chemicals. Stress that would not usually cause a skin flare-up in normal skin such as changes in temperature or humidity, washing and certain chemical irritants, can cause sensitive skin to produce histamine and inflammatory chemical messengers, causing redness and soreness. When this happens every so often inflammation is part of the natural healing process, but chronic inflammation in the skin can lead to persistent redness, soreness and ultimately can erode collagen and elastin which ages it prematurely. It is also uncomfortable and can lead to conditions such as Rosacea and long term redness.

The S5 range is designed to prevent the cycle of skin inflammation and soothe sensitive skin:
- Our Neutralise Cleanser respects the skin barrier layer and soothes whilst effectively cleansing
- Our Calm Serum contains high levels of anti inflammatory bioactives to reduce the appearance of redness and combat hypersensitivity
- All 3 of our moisturisers are suitable for sensitive skin and can be selected by skin type. They contain our Extreme Protection Complex which calms hypersensitivity and defends against pollution, chronic stress and inflammation related ageing.

All S5 products are formulated without irritating chemicals or fragrance allergens.