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Unbalanced nutrition / skin microbiome

Unbalanced nutrition in our modern diets can cause problems with our skin barrier function and both gut and skin microbiomes. This islinked to skin conditions such as acne and blemishes, rosacea, and dermatitis.

Our diet today differs so much from that of our Paleolithic ancestors, and we consume higher levels of sugar and omega 6 fatty acids than ever before. High intake of refined sugars, omega 6 fatty acids from grains and not enough dietary fibre and fruit and vegetables can lead to inflammation of the gut. Omega 6 oils are especially pro inflammatory and can cause inflammation around the body, opposed to consuming omega 3's which actually have anti-inflammatory properties. Our intake of sugar can also have damaging effects on the skin. Sugar is a reactive substance and in our body undergoes a process called glycation which damages the collagen and elastin within the skin. It can also contribute to imbalances in the gut microbiome. 

The gut microbiome is a dynamic population of microbes in our large intestine which are vital to the normal functioning of the gut, and changes to the biome can affect our immune system which can also lead to skin sensitivity and inflammation. The gut microbiome and digestion function can be greatly affected by our diet as friendly bacteria feed on fibre and starches which are low in our modern diet. The biome can be damaged by frequent courses of antibiotics. 

As well as friendly bacteria in our guts, we also have them on our skin. The skin microbiome contains good bacteria which helps to keep the skin healthy by doing several things; providing essential nutrients, naturally modulating the skin’s immune system via neurotransmitters, and producing antimicrobial peptides which prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria, they also protect skin lipids, which are a key component of the skin barrier layer. 

As part of our body’s defence system the skin barrier plays a vital role by preventing the loss of water from the skin and the entering of foreign bodies into the skin. The skin is constantly exposed to environmental and lifestyle factors that can disrupt the normal functioning of the barrier and lead to inflammatory conditions which involve very sensitive, irritated skin, allergies and infections. 

Ingredients to balance the skin microbiome

Copaiba/Andiroba/Acai: This blend of naturally anti bacterial rainforest actives help to balance the skin microbiome. It is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of blemishes and the over production of oil.

Willow Bark: A natural source of salicylic acid with non-irritating antimicrobial properties to help regulate the skin biome. 

Ingredients to restore the skin barrier layer

Desert glycoproteins: amino acid produced by a unique bacteria in the Wadi desert provides powerful protection against pollution, radiation, temperature, chemical stress and skin ageing. Proven to reduce oxidative stress caused by particulate pollution.

Marina Laminaria: Seaweed extract which reinforces skin barrier and protects against radiation and ageing caused by inflammation. 

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