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Extreme Protection Complex

Our Extreme Protection Complex is a blend of 3 different actives which together work to defend the skin from the effects of modern living. It can be found in our 3 moisturisers: Restore Cream, Serenity Cream and Balance Fluid.  


Desert Glycoproteins

A patented amino acid produced by a unique bacteria found in the Wadi desert, these amino acids provide powerful skin protection against pollution, radiation, temperature, chemical stress and skin ageing. They work to prevent free radical and pollution damage from occurring by creating a protective layer around each cell, stabilising and improving cellular function and reducing oxidative stress. They are clinically proven to reduce pollution skin damage by 34%, and prevent DNA and collagen damage caused by pollution, repair the skin barrier and soothe the skin comparably to hydrocortisone without any side effects. They also have impressive anti ageing and hydration benefits, reducing wrinkle depth by 23%, boosting elasticity by 82%, scaling by 76%, skin roughness by 86 and doubling hydration.


Wild Indigo

This native Indian herb helps to prevent prolonged skin stress from causing premature ageing and skin greyness. It is clinically proven to protect against pollution and improve skin colour in just 2 weeks by up to 187%, luminosity by up to 107% and reducing skin redness by 2.4x. It breaks down the cortisol production in skin cells and activates the release of a naturally calming neuropeptide.

Marine Laminaria (Golden Seaweed)

This seaweed extract, high in alpha lipoic acid, reinforces the skin barrier, increasing hydration by more than 38%, protecting against radiation and reducing inflammaging. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost firmness and smoothness.